Plumbing Vacuum Lines on a Packard Performance Can-Am Big Turbo Kit

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*Use the link above to these instructions. It is going to have a better quality image and a key to assist you in identifying fitment locations.

Plumbing the valve lines on a Packard Performance Can-Am X3 Big Turbo Kit.




Make the following connections as displayed in the example image above:

  1. P-1 to BOV-1
  2. W-1 to BS-2
  3. S-1 to T-1
  4. T-2 to BS-1
  5. T-3 to MS-2
  6. BS-3 vents to atmosphere. Do not cap this line, let it breathe.



The BS-1 barb on the boost control solenoid is easily identified. It’s the only metal barb on the solenoid. The other two barbs are composite.  


The MS-1 port on the plenum is for the map sensor, see the image below.


It’s important to remember that the boost sensor goes before the throttle body into the billet connector supplied by Packard in your kit and the map sensor goes after the throttle body into the plenum.


Vacuum & Boost Sensor (this sensor reads boost and vacuum. It goes into the plenum)                                    

  Boost Sensor (this sensor reads boost. It goes before the throttle body)