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Packard Ultra Light 15" Wheels "The OG" with Billet HD Center

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 Current lead time estimate is 3 weeks on any new orders. 

If you want both performance and incredible looks in a UTV wheel this is it. Made in the USA and machined in house. These wheels are super light weight and have been proven to hold true with high HP builds. This wheel design was inspired by the need for a ultra strong lightweight wheel for the smaller bolt pattern on the Yamaha YXZ when pushing big power. It has a strong lightweight billet center piece that bolts to the wheel using stainless hardware. 

Available for the CAN AM X3, RZR XP1K/XPT, and the YXZ 1000R

Front wheel:


11 lb 8 oz

Rear wheel:


13 lb 13 oz

Pricing is per set of 4 wheels.


Custom powder coating available for an additional charge. Call for details.


-Retighten all wheel bolt periodically to ensure they don't loosen up. As the powder coat wears and settles in it can cause the bolts to loosen up. 

-We recommend using red grade lock tight on wheels bolts.

-Retighten all wheel lug nuts periodically to ensure they don't loosen up

-Wheel weight may vary slightly due to different bolt patterns.  



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