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Short Throw Shifter, Flywheel, and Free ECU flash for Yamaha YXZ 1000r

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For those that want to hammer through the gears on your side by side as fast as possible, this Packard Performance Short Throw Billet Shifter will help you do just that even faster while improving the look and strength of your Yamaha UTV's shift knob.


  • Better Ergonomics
  • 30% reduction in shift throw
  • Push-button for anti-lag launch control, horn, or whatever you want it hooked up to.
  • Improved angles for comfortability.
  • Available in both black and raw aluminum




Wanna know the easiest way to pick up just under 5hp @ 8000 RPM on acceleration?? The High-Performance Flywheel you are currently reading about.




This is how:

Remember Newton's  2nd law of physics?? Force to acceleration, blahh, blahh... In short, the less rotating mass the greater the acceleration and that's exactly why we have created this ultra-lightweight flywheel for the Yamaha YXZ 1000R. With the OEM flywheel coming in at a whopping 5.7 lbs, and the Packard flywheel coming in at just under 1 lb, this flywheel saves you almost 5 lbs of rotating mass. See below for 


So, if you are looking to get the most performance out of your YXZ this is a great place to start.



The Yamaha YXZ 1000's have huge performance gain potential. This ECU flash is a great and easy way to tap into that potential.

ECU flash Features:

-High performance ignition curve for increased horse power, torque, and throttle responce.

-Rev limit raised to 11000 rpm. (Stock is 10500 and 9500 in 5th gear)

-Radiator fan activates at lower temp 180 degrees for a cooler running engine.

-High performance fuel mapping reconfigured and set for maximum performance.

-Top speed gains possible due to extended rpm.

-Highly increased drive ability at low speeds and low rpm.


Notes: Requires your ECU to be mailed to us to be flashed or you can purchase a new ECU from us.

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