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Yamaha YXZ 1000R Premier Turbo Kit

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Every piece in this kit is top of the line, so there will be no need to upgrade later. Developed for the best possible performance without sacrificing reliability. This kit utilizes the OEM ECU for fuel control calibrated for larger injectors and uses a Power Commander 5 for multiple boost level fueling. It is a water to air intercooler set up that can sustain efficiently power levels up to 650 hp. A proper air to water intercooler set up cools the intake charge much more efficiently and consistently than an air to air intercooler set up which results in more hp, reliability, and consistent tuning.  The intake system uses a billet manifold so no messing with cheap hose clamps and rubber manifolds. The intercooler/intake plenum is fully o-ring sealed and bolts to the manifold. This is one of the most state of the art kits to hit the market and the performance shows.

Due to the complexity, difficulty & demand, all kits are built to order, so shipping times may vary. 




-Stainless header

-Stainless downpipe (Muffler is additional $295)

-Air to water intake plenum

-Billet manifold

-Water Cooler

-Water pump

-Smog delete kit

-Steel braided oil feed and drain lines with billet fittings

-Oil adapter fittings

-Polished aluminum charge tube with silicone bends

-T-bolt clamps

-ECU flash

-Power Commander 5

-All necessary hardware

Optional Turbos:

-Borg Warner EFR Turbo w/supercore - Rated at 550 HP

-Precision - Rated for 650 HP

-Garrett 660 - Rated at 660 HP

-Garrett 550 - Rated at 550 HP

Important Notes:

-We do not recommend running any turbo kit on the OEM engine without the proper engine modifications such as Connecting rods and pistons. This kit can be set up for low boost however do so at your own risk.

-Due to the complexity and difficulty to build this kit, it is a very limited production kit. Call for availability and ETA.

-Although We have been careful to supply you with the highest quality parts possible, we assume no liability for damage to the unit or personal injury.

-Making any modifications to the OEM fuel system can result in vehicle damage, fire, and or personal injury. With any modification due so with extreme caution!

-No returns on turbo kits.

-Adding any aftermarket parts to your UTV may or may not void your Factory Warranty. We cannot be held liable for the loss of any factory or extended warranties.

-We highly recommend running a high-quality AFR gauge.

-Videos below have our YXZ Turbo kit coupled with our stage 3 motor kit.



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