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Yamaha YXZ 1000R Rear Billet Differential 2.0 DIY kit

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Anyone who has ran their YXZ hard, has raced, or runs a turbo kit on their YXZ should know or will eventually know that the OEM YXZ rear differentials are a weak link. This is our latest and greatest version of our battle tested YXZ Billet Differential. We were to first to come on the market with a billet YXZ differential and have extensive testing, R&D, and experience with these differentials.

We have developed a Billet Rear differential that will withstand the the punishment of high HP YXZ much better then the OEM differential. These have been tested and ran with YXZ's over 600 wheel hp and anti-lag as high as 40 psi.

This DIY kit come with everything you need minus your OEM gear set and ring gear bearings. It requires assembly and setting the gear lash.



-Billet differential housing 

-Pinion gear house and bearings (Pinion gear not included)


-Vent hose and barbs

-Nessisary hardware



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