Packard Performance HP Racing Cams for Can-Am X3

Packard Performance HP Racing Cams for Can-Am X3

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30 HP upgrade for Packard Performance Can-Am Big Turbo Kit! Not a bad bang for your buck... The X3 dynoed at 250.85 break-HP with stock cams, then 278 break-HP with our custom HP Race Cams.  Same boost levels, on the same dyno with on a bone stock X3 with our big turbo upgrade and our intake plenum.

These are designed to work with stock valve train components. This means bolt-on and go. No need to install stiffer valve springs or aftermarket valves. 

Set of 2 - Exhaust and Intake

Clutching needs to target 9000-9200 RPM.  We do recommend running our clutch setup to maximize performance and minimize turbo lag.


Recommended products to go with HP Racing Cams: 


Power you can trust!!!!


The below dyno graph depicts a 2018 Can-Am X3 XRS with the following parts:

  • Packard Performance Can-Am Big Turbo Kit
  • Billet Intake Plenum
  • HP Race Cams by Packard Performance
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • Clutch Weight kit by Packard Performance
  • EMtron ECU (Standalone ECU)
  • 28 PSI


The dyno used to tune the car in the above graph is Packard Performance's in house DynoJet dyno. HP may vary from dyno to dyno. 

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