Brisk Racing Spark Plugs for Polaris RZR Pro R

Brisk Racing Spark Plugs for Polaris RZR Pro R

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Brisk Turbo Racing Spark Plugs are designed for High RPM and/or forced induction applications where spark plugs are subject to high vibration, pressure, and turbulence. Brisk plugs are an excellent choice for desert racing, drag racing, recreating. Spark Plug Electrode Design (SPED) provides alternative points of discharge that protect the spark discharge from high turbulence inside the combustion chamber. Brisk Turbo Racing spark plugs also provide superior heat removal and overall durability by utilizing a Silver (S) center electrode and our large integrated ground electrodes.

In short, we have had great success running Brisk Silver Racing spark plugs upwards of 40 psi of boost with no failures.

Set the gap at .025"

Features & Applications:

  • Increases Engine Power!
  • Reduced Number of Ignition Failure Cycles
  • Extremely Durability and Reliability
  • High Resistance Against Heat and Vibrations
  • Intended for High Pressure, High Output Race Applications
  • 3 Tapered Ground Electrodes are Integrated for Smooth Heat Transfer through the Shell
  • Silver Center Electrode
  • 4 Spark Plugs to a Set (Only Sold in Sets)

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