Kibblewhite "White Diamond" Intake Valves for Can-Am X3 (2017-21)

Kibblewhite "White Diamond" Intake Valves for Can-Am X3 (2017-21)

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Kibblewhite fully CNC machines their White Diamond® Valves from a one-piece forging of either EV8 Stainless Steel or Inconel-751. These materials have proven heat and corrosion resistance properties. Each valve is designed using Finite Element Analysis software, and profiles are tested on our computerized flow bench. Strict attention is paid to the surface preparation of the valves, and the purity of the chrome is closely monitored. A 360-degree anode is used to produce the highest possible grade of hard chrome finish. White Diamond® Valves are light, solid, and one-piece forgings with profiles that provide excellent flow characteristics

 They are purchased in sets of 6 only. 

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