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EMtron SL6 Stand Alone ECU for Yamaha 1000R

EMtron SL6 Stand Alone ECU for Yamaha 1000R

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 The best priced standalone on the market! 

Standard features include:

  • Anti-lag launch control
  • On the fly tune/boost switching
  • Options for several different base tunes from stock to highly modified 
  • And so much MORE

Optional upgrades: 

  • Closed-loop auto-tuning (The ECU monitors feedback and makes appropriate performance adjustments automatically) 
  • MAP sensors 3.5 Bar
  • Big injector flow rate support


  • Microsoft Windows 7-10 compatible
  • Free license
  • Memory requirements: 0.5GB RAM
  • ECU connection using Ethernet, IPV4 protocol
  • Tuning and data analysis
  • PC and EIU data logging
  • Live pause and data playback
  • Diagnostics
  • Oscilloscope display


Comes standard with base tune for N/A Yamaha 1000R. Packard Performance tunes available. Packard Performance will not support non-Packard Performance kits. Dyno not available for custom tunes nor to the public.

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