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Yamaha YXZ 1000R Barnett Clutch Direct Replacement kit

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A must for if you are wanting to to push a lot of power through your YXZ clutch.

No modifications needed. Direct replacement for stock clutch plates- retains OE cushions/seats.


-Coil Spring Conversion kit (Converts stock diaphragm clutch spring to six coil springs and provides a more progressive, linear engagement. Included is a billet aluminum pressure plate, six heavy duty springs, spring cups and bolts. Replaces the stock pressure plate/spring with no modifications required.)

-11 Kevlar full friction plates (8 full width and 3 narrow) 

-10 tempered steel plates

There are two options for the clutch pack. This kit comes with 8 of the full width friction plates and 3 narrow plates which allows for a smoother start and to retain OE cushions/seats. If you need the most bite possible in your clutch the other kit with 11 full width friction will allow for more hp. 

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