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Yamaha YXZ 1000R CP-Carrillo Turbo Pistons

Yamaha YXZ 1000R CP-Carrillo Turbo Pistons

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We have used pistons from just about every manufacturer out there and CP Pistons have always proven to be the best for us.

Compression ratio of 9.5:1.

Comes in a set of 3 pistons including ring packs and wrist pins.

Pistons are the backbone of any true hardcore racing engine and that’s where CP-Carrillo excels. Our Engineering department started off analyzing the competition, gathering industry data and deciding to make the highest level of pistons, period. The heart and soul of our pistons are built through our Engineering Department and its resources. This department is made up of several factors that push them ahead of the competition; Reverse Engineering, Design Experience and Flexibility, Analysis and R&D. As in racing, it takes a lot to be number one; here at CP-Carrillo we have it all and are number one in piston design, enabling our customers to come in first on race day.

Our commitment to excellence continues to advance as the industry changes. This commitment has resulted in more forgings specific to certain applications, proprietary treated wrist pins and rings manufactured only for us. Each of these aspects has been put through stringent research and development stages to ensure that our product will exceed your standards.

Our staff is committed to your success through technical support and account maintenance. All of our sales staff are equipped with comprehensive information from piston specs to applications, and are committed to grow our business in a positive and professional manner so that your business can do the same.

Call for availability: 801-335-4013

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