Kibblewhite Racing Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers for Yamaha YXZ [(2016-21) 80-81300]

Kibblewhite Racing Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers for Yamaha YXZ [(2016-21) 80-81300]

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The Yamaha YXZ 1000R is one of the few unique UTV's that like to rev at high RPM's. This valve spring kit has been revved up to 11500 rpm coupled with a raised rev limit—a significant upgrade for turbo applications and higher-revving tunes. 


  • 12 steel retaining caps
  • 12 dual rate valve springs
  • 12 hardened steel base washers

Type- Intake/Exhaust

Retainer Material- Titanium

Valve Lift- 0.445"

Installed Height- 1.300"

Seat Pressure- 53#

Open Pressure- 162#

@ Lift- 0.445"

Note- To achieve higher than stock lift. It may be necessary to use KPMI Shortened Valve Guides #80-80470.

Since 1938, KPMI® has taken great pride in our ability to design innovative performance improvements for valvetrains. This innovative ability has never been more apparent than with the development of the high-tech lightweight racing valve spring kits for the incredibly stressed and torturous environment in today's high revving 4-stroke engines.

The challenge of engineering a valvetrain that would outperform OEM systems, which in some cases included titanium components, was not an easy one. This task would require the concentrated efforts of every member of KPMI®'s design team. It was apparent that an OEM-style spring with a bit more pressure would not be the complete answer for these engines. Working together as a team enabled KPMI® to evolve with a "unified system" approach. These innovative, high-performance, lightweight valve spring kits would outperform factory parts and outlive them.

Each KPMI® spring kit is designed for its specific application, taking into account several critical parameters: cam profiles, harmonics, the natural frequency of the springs, valvetrain mass, required pressure, wire stress, fatigue life, and engine RPM, to name a few!

Today KPMI® proudly offers complete, high-performance, lightweight valve spring kits for a host of applications.

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